Last Friday, Susanna Schick, a bicyclist in downtown Los Angeles was riding on Spring Street, in the new neon marked bike lanes when according to her friend Jennifer Beatty, was struck by a white Lexus that swerved into her land and left the scene. Schick suffered serious injuries and was admitted to the LAC+USC Medical Center ICU. Her injuries included a concussion, a shattered pelvis, broken collar bone and several broken ribs and facial lacerations.

This is where the controversy begins. The LAPD has been treating this crash as a solo-vehicle and no police report was originally filed. Reports indicate that the original conclusion of the LAPD was that it was Schick who fell off her bicycle and that no one else was the cause of the crash. LAist has a detailed story on Susanna Schick  that notes various witness statements that contradict the LAPD’s original position.

Hit-and-run accidents are becoming more frequent in Los Angeles. The most likely victim includes cyclist and pedestrians who don’t stand a chance against a 5,000 lbs. vehicle. Accidents such as Susanna Schick’s must be thoroughly investigated, all leads must be examined carefully and those who are responsible must be held accountable.

Leaving the scene of an accident is a violation of the law, and it is time that we start enforcing it. Our law enforcement officers should take an aggressive approach in these investigations. This is about protecting our citizens and building a safer, better community.

If anyone has information regarding this crash, please contact the LAPD at 213-972-1853