This past Saturday, 36-year-old Marisela Echeverria was struck and killed by an MTA bus in Los Angeles on Pacific Coast Highway. Reports indicate that Echeverria was training for the Ironman Triathlon and was riding her bicycle when the crash occurred. Echeverria was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will continue its investigation into the causes of this tragic incident. The Los Angeles Times, did a pretty thorough article, however it is important to note that a full investigation by the police will not be completed for several weeks and that their conclusions should not be considered exactly what happened. Reports indicated that Echeverria was dragged beneath the bus and run over by its rear wheels.
Marisela Echeverria


In cases such as the the tragic one above, it is absolutely critical that an independent investigation take place immediately. Evidence must be preserved, witnesses must be located and interviewed and the ground-work for a through reconstruction laid out. Most of the times, police accident reports are not reliable and certainly an investigation with private engineers and experts would make a world of a difference in determining the actual cause of an accident.


Oddly enough, a University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute report was released last week which indicated that 2.8% of fatal crash victims in Los Angeles are bicyclist. That figure is double the percentage killed by cars nationally. It is important to remember that not only is the population of Los Angeles greater than any other city included in the research, but that the proportion may the same. The largest problem with bicycling in Los Angeles is that the drivers on the roads are either distracted, not respecting bikers or just not looking for riders. This must change. Visit our information center for more on bicycle accidents in Los Angeles.


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