According to recent reports, the driver of a pickup truck that crashed into a charter bus containing 23 passengers en route to Los Angeles may have been intoxicated, which would make this particular bus accident a case of drunk driving. Following the bus accident, six of the bus passengers became victim to various injuries while the pickup driver died. The only exit passage out of the bus was through the windows, where all of the passengers were forced to climb through.

Vernon Christopher Hernandez, a 32-year-old man, crashed into the Los Angeles bus at the intersection of Victoria Avenue and Mirada Road in San Bernardino. Both vehicles continued to slide after the impact caused by the bus accident, and the bus continued until striking a large wall, authorities said. The firefighters set up ladders to rescue the passengers, and then proceeded to transport passenger with injuries to a local hospital for treatment.

Preliminary investigation places fault on the driver of the pickup truck, who police suspect may have been intoxicated through drugs or alcohol at the time of the bus accident. Even from a legal standpoint, drunk driving is a quite serious issue. In this bus accident, multiple individuals may have received injuries as the result of drunk driving. If you believe you may have been involved in a bus accident or other accident caused by drunk driving, we urge you to consult with our offices for immediate legal help.