Raul Contreras, a 47-year old Ontario pedestrian was hit by a car and killed. The accident happened Sunday evening around the 600 block of W. Holt Boulevard. San Bernardino officials say that Contreras died of his injuries around 11:18 p.m. shortly after being struck by a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am. The man had been traveling westbound just prior to the collision.

Whenever we hear of these tragedies we often wonder what we would do if someone we loved was killed in such a manner. We may also reflect on what would happen to our dependents if we were unexpectedly taken away.

Thankfully, there are numerous wrongful death related laws that protect the survivors of such accidents, ensuring they are taken care of the event of a head of household death. If someone you cared about passed away due to another’s error in judgment, we are here to help.  Contact our law offices to speak with a reputable personal injury lawyer about your case and obtain legal representatives who will fight for your rights.