In a tragic event just before San Diego’s annual Comic-Con convention,  53-year-old Gisela Gagliardi, was killed while crossing the street at  the intersection at Harbor Drive and Fifth Avenue on Tuesday morning. Comic-Con has become so popular that fans begin lining up nearly a week before the doors even open. This year, Comic-Conn begins on Thursday July 12 – 15 2012. Gagliardi was struck by a car driven by a 67-year-old who has not yet been identified.

There are many reports online about the causes of this incident. It is important to understand that in these types of cases, there are many factors that cause the crash. The negligence of the multiple parties involved must be investigated, including the cross-walk, side-walk, organizers etc… This was a preventable loss and all causes must be examined to prevent future losses.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Gisela Gagliardi’s family, friends and loved ones. There are many reports on this tragic incident however, there has been no official conclusions by the authorities as to its cause. It is critical that an immediate and independent investigation be conducted into the factors causing the crash. Evidence must be preserved and key witnesses have to be interviewed.

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