After going on a 10-hour bar hopping drinking binge on July 25, Santa Ana resident Jose Maria Olmos got behind the wheel of an SUV with his two friends Juan Garcia and Jose Guadalupe Vilchis, in the vehicle. After driving between 60 to 70 mph in a 30 mph zone on Standard Avenue, 37-year-old Olmos lost control. The SUV rolled over onto its side before skidding to a stop in a parking lot just north of Bishop Street. Vilchis was only moderately injured but Garcia was ejected from the car and suffered severe head trauma. Garcia was transported to Western Medical Center, but died at the hospital at 1:30 a.m. on July 26.

Jose Maria Olmos, was charged with vehicular homicide while intoxicated as well as driving without a license. He faces a possible sentence of 11-years in prison if convicted.

Gracia’s surviving family members also have the option of pursuing Jose in court via wrongful death litigation. The family can then receive financial reparation for their loss and get another measure of closure.  Has a DUI driver stolen someone precious from your life? Contact our law offices today for a free case assessment and speak with our expert wrongful death attorney regarding your rights today. You and your loved one deserve justice and we just may be able to help you attain it. Call now.