Santa Ana, California- A drunk driver, is scheduled to appear in court in connection with a hit and run collision which occurred on February 27th in Santa Ana California. According to published reports the driver Frank Reichstein was drunk when he operated his vehicle, a Nissan Xterra Sport Utility vehicle which at 10.10 pm on the said date struck a pedestrian on the crosswalk.

The 56 year old pedestrian was identified as Pearleen Hopkins who died of her injuries soon afterwards. Pearleen was crossing the street and was west bound on West MacArthur Boulevard when the accident happened. Reichstein fled the accident scene and did not stop to give some assistance to his victim.

According to Newsgator Reichstein was driving 54 miles per hour in the 40 miles per hour zone, and was scheduled to be arraigned on a one count charge of murder, as well as one count felony charge of hit and run. Reichstein has long running with the law, and was convicted in 2014 for a previous strike violation for residential burglary. He is being held on a one million dollar bond in the central jail of Santa Ana. If convicted of these charges Reichstein faces a total of 34 years maximum in prison.

Eyewitnesses Helped Police Catch Reichstein

Many eyewitnesses saw the accident and contacted the Santa Ana Police, and provided them with information about Reichstein's SUV. The police arrived on the area and began searching for Reichstein who was soon afterwards seen, sitting inside his SUV vehicle in a close-by residential community, where he was arrested.

The Police said his blood alcohol level was .19 percent. He also had previous driving under the influence convictions, and fully understands that if he is involved in any other drunken driving accident, which leads to someone’s death; he will automatically be charged for murder. He pleaded guilty to his DUI charge in 2011. The case is being prosecuted by the Senior Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Walker from the homicide unit.

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