Another tragedy strikes South Gate. On Monday, a van driven by 18 year-old Eduardo Rojo smashed into a bus stop waiting area killing 14 year-old Luis Salazar and injuring four others. Rojo lost control of the van causing it to jump the curb and crash into the bus shelter. Luis Salazar died at St. Francis Hospital in Lynwood.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Salazar was on his cell phone talking to his mom when the crash took place. His mom reportedly heard the screeching and then the call dropped. When she called back, a girl answered and told her that Luis had been in an accident.

The four other victims were students from nearby South Gate Middle School. All were released suffering from non-life threatening injuries. Students from South Gate Middle School placed messages, candles, flowers and pictures of the deceased Luis Salazar.
Rojo was arrested the next day when South Gate police concluded that he may have been using an inhalant while driving. Rojo is to be arraigned tomorrow in LA Superior Court. Police are still searching for the passenger in the van who took off running on foot after the crash.

Friends and family members of Luis Salazar talked about his warm personality and his affection for going to church, playing guitar and aspirations of becoming a professional skateboarder.

The South Gate Police Officer’s Association has set up a fund to help pay for Luis’ funeral. Checks can be sent to the South Gate Police Department c/o Luis Salazar, 8620 California Avenue, South Gate, CA 90280.

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