Yesterday night, The Los Encino dance and cocktail bar, located on 4626 Firestone Blvd in South Gate, was the site of a twisted turn of events. Two men who aimed to leave the bar ended up crashing back into it, in a car accident that resulted in injuries for both men. The car accident was reported at approximately 10:50 pm on Monday, at which time the Los Angeles Fire Department was called to the scene.

According to authorities, the driver lost control as he pulled out of the pakring lot, slamming the car into the building. Both men suffered minor injuiries, and were escorted to local hospitals after the crash. South Gate police are investigating the cause of the crash, and whether or not this may have been a case of drunk driving.

Fortunately, none of the South Gate bar’s occupants were reported as injured. However, the bar was closed immediately afterwards and will need repairs before reopening.

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