In a tragic incident this morning, an SUV rear-ended a Big Rig on the Foothill 210 Freeway at around 5:00am, leaving a couple and a 14-year-old boy dead. The crash occurred in Sunland, when the SUV burst into flames upon impact. Two other children who were riding in the SUV survived and were taken to a nearby hospital for precautionary measures but were not known to have suffered any injuries. The big rig driver was also taken to the hospital complaining of various injuries.

It is unclear as to why the SUV rear-ended the big rig truck, but the SUV was pulling a trailer. An investigation is pending into the causes of this crash. If your or a loved one have been injured as a result of a truck or big rig accident, you should immediately speak with an attorney that can explain your legal rights. An experienced law firm will want to begin an investigation and determine the causes and factors that contributed to the accident. An SUV should not burst into flames upon impact – you may have a product liability claim against the car manufacturer.