The Aavang family of Woodstock, Illinois lost their seven month old baby girl Juniper, while her father pushed her stroller through a crosswalk in San Diego. The family was visiting with another family in Point Loma and around 6:30 in the morning, tragedy struck. Mr. Aavang was walking his infant daughter through the intersection of Canon Street and Catalina Boulevard, when a Suburban ran them down. The mother walked in front of the stroller, when dad and baby Juniper were struck and incurred serious injuries. Dad was taken to Sharp Memorial, and Juniper was rushed to Rady Children’s Hospital. Baby Juniper passed late Tuesday.

The 47 year old driver of the Suburban is being investigated, as the accident is believed to have been caused by blocked view of this deadly intersection due to a roadside obstruction.

Wrongful Death Accidents

When something like this occurs, it is important to get an experienced and knowledgeable team on your side as quickly as possible. Drivers should be held responsible for the deaths they cause, and without proper representation, it is possible for evidence to be lost or misconstrued. Simply guessing what you should do isn’t enough; you need to get a professional opinion from someone who knows what can happen with time. Don’t let your case be investigated without proper representation, as too many variables can be working against you.

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