Hit by Car While Riding a Bike California Lawyer

If you or a loved on has been hit by a car or injured by an automobile while riding a bike it is important that you speak with an experienced personal injury attorney about your legal rights. Call the Law Offices of our sponsoring attorneys today for a free consultation of your claim.

By delaying, you risk missing important deadlines which may prevent you from losing your right to being compensated for your injuries. Call now (888) 853-6696.

In California, one of the most popular recreational activities remains cycling along the roads. Most streets in Los Angeles do not include a separate bike lane. This results in the sharing of the roads with cars, trucks and other motor vehicles. Some of the most frequent cyclist or cycling accidents involve inattentive drivers, reckless driving speeds, intoxicated drivers and other careless driving behaviors.

While some automobile drivers may feel that bike riders should not be on the roads, this is a misconception. Cyclist and other bike riders have the right to share the streets with other automobile or motor vehicle drivers. Bicycles are not allowed on freeways.

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