Rene Deleon Identified as the Fatal Victim of a Vehicle Collision in Petaluma

The Sonoma County Sheriff-Coroner’s Office identified the man killed in a traffic collision in Petaluma, California. On Thursday, September 24th, the coroner revealed the victim’s name as Rene Alvarez Deleon, 38, of San Rafael.

The car accident report released on Wednesday, September 23rd, placed the victim behind the wheel of a white Toyota sedan. The Petaluma Police said that around 6:30 p.m., a black Nissan pickup truck traveled northbound on Lakeville Highway.

The vehicle collided with the Toyota, which was westbound on South McDowell Boulevard. Deleon died at the scene from injuries sustained in the collision. The investigation is ongoing to determine what led to the incident.

Motor vehicle accidents occur for different reasons, and drivers must do what they can to avoid the factors that contribute to the crash. Motorists should slowly pull into traffic, look and listen, and be aware of blind spots.

When at an intersection making a right-hand turn, look in both directions before proceeding, slowly pull into a busy intersection. Watch out for red-light runners and those trying to beat the yellow light, and exercise caution when passing semis because they have massive blind spots.

Reduce-in car distractions like changing CDs, eating, calling, and texting, and always keep one hand on the steering wheel. Watch out for kids and animals as they suddenly appear on the roadway, perform frequent engine maintenance to enable functionality, keep adequate distance between vehicles, and scan the road 12 seconds ahead.

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