A big rig carrying diesel fuel crashed into a center divider wall in eastbound toll lanes on the 91 at the 241.  The auto accident involved six other vehicles and spilled fuel all over the highway.  The incident occurred just after 8:30 a.m. when a Ralphs tractor trailer was hit by a Chevrolet pick up truck. The cab of the big rig came to rest in the in the No. 1 lane of the east bound toll road where it promptly spilled 50-100 gallons of diesel onto the ground.

As many as five people were taken to area hospitals and a heavy duty toll crane was sent to remove the large semi.  Concrete debris and hazmat crews were also dispatched to clean up concrete and fuel.

Thorough investigation will provide answers, but one can assume that the accident occurred due to negligence or driver error. In such cases, injured parties can sue for monetary damages. Doing so promptly is imperative to maintain  the victim’s physical health and financial stability.  Don’t let someone else’s carelessness land you in the poor house.  Contact them ASAP for a free consultation and get the money you need for medical related cost and lost wages.