An innocent motorist was killed in Anaheim Monday evening after a suspect who was fleeing police plowed through an intersection against a red-light and crashed into two cars. The chase began after police, who were responding to a domestic violence call, noticed a pick up truck parked in a nearby lot. They approached the vehicle and the suspect took off. The police followed in hot pursuit, pursuing the pick-up as it blazed into the intersection of Magnolia and Crescent Avenues. The suspect’s vehicle then crashed into two cars at around 8 p.m.

One of the vehicles was propelled into a nearby apartment building; the victim was killed on impact. The suspect’s truck was thrown 100 yards and tipped on its side. The individual was taken to a local area hospital in critical condition.

Running from the law is never a good idea, as innocent motorists can be put in harms way. When this occurs, the negligent driver is legally liable for any ensuing injury, death or porperty damage. When you or a family member are harmed by a similar car accident, you have the ability to seek legal remedy via litigation. Contact our law offices today to speak to a reputable personal injury or wrongful death lawyer. We can help put you case in legal perspective and provide you with the financial compensation you need after such a horrific tragedy.