An Orange County waitress suffered a bruised lung and other injuries but is incredibly fortunate to still be alive after being ran over with a car occupied by a group of patrons attempting to flee the Mexican restaurant without paying their food bill. The car sped away from the scene leaving the waitress injured and lying in the parking lot of the Mexico Lindo restaurant in Anaheim.

According to the victim, 28-year-old Maria Uriostegui, she had followed the group outside of Mexico Lindo’s and said “I am sorry, you guys forgot to pay your bill.” However, as Uriostegui states, “the four of them turned around, looked at me, laughed, and just kept walking toward their car.” She then walked further into the parking lot merely to write down their vehicle’s license plate but instead became victim of a terrifying hit-and-run in which Uriostegui says she actually made eye-contact with her attackers while being ran over! “We made eye-contact, they just laughed it off and drove off.”

It was at this point where Maria Uriostegui knew the four were not going to stop. Police were called to the scene of Mexico Lindo at the 10900 block of Magnolia Street in Anaheim at around 6:20pm Sunday afternoon. Maria was taken to UC Irvine Medical Center where she was treated for a bruised lung, several scrapes and bruises but fortunately still alive.

However, police were also able to obtain video surveillance of the hit and run accident and quickly began searching for the black Volkswagen Jetta involved. Their search didn’t take very long as Orange County deputies spotted the suspected car roughly 5 hours later in a parking lot outside the Motel 6 on the 7400 block of Katella Ave in Stanton around 1am Monday morning.

Shortly thereafter, 24-year-old Rowshaid Pellum (Cerrittos), 18-year-old Markesisha Williams (Long Beach), 19-year-old Shyteice Miles (Long Beach) and 23-year-old Santeea Ralph (Long Beach) were all taken into custody. Pellum was charged with assault with a deadly weapon while Williams, Miles and Ralph were all charged with accessory to an assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy and defrauding an innkeeper.


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