Just after 9 P.M. Wednesday evening, a hit and run driver struck a toddler as the child and his family were crossing the street in Canoga Park. The family was in the crosswalk on the 21000 block of Saticoy near Variel Ave., when father  Edgar Recinos,  and the 17 month-old-boy, who was in his stroller, were both hit.  Although they had the right of way, the vehicle, which was making a left and failed to yield, did not slow down after the collision.

Both sustained non fatal injuries although the child was tossed 25 feet from the impact site. The hit and run driver faces felony charges in relation to the case and has not yet been found.

Pedestrians always have the right of way, even when they are jaywalking. If someone has struck you and/or a loved one in a pedestrian related car accident and then fled the scene you should seek the advice of an experience personal injury lawyer.  If you have questions regarding this type of personal injury lawsuit Call our sponsoring law firm today and learn what you can do to bring those who are responsible for your injuries to justice.