Following a collision between two big rigs, Highway 126 at Chiquito Canyon Road was shut down for most of Tuesday.

Shortly after 9 am, two tractor trailers and no less than three cars were involved in a massive collision, that flipped both trucks. Following the wreck, the highway was covered in lemons that were carried by one of the big rigs. Multiple people were treated for injuries and at least two have been confirmed dead.

At some point, a Toyota Corolla driven by Samuel Choi, 21, of Santa Clarita, turned onto the highway and crashed into one of the large trucks. The impact sent the Toyota hurtling for nearly the length of two basketball courts. This sent the tractor trailer into the opposite lane, causing a head-on collision with a second truck.

Both Choi, and the driver of the first big rig — Roger Miranda, 58, of San Bernardino — were pronounced dead at the scene.

California Highway Patrol is still investigating the details of the crash.

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