UPDATE: 3/5/2015 –

Izzy Valenzuela was arrested Thursday and charged with two counts of murder for participating in the street race that ended in the tragic death of two people. A $2 million bail is set and Valenzuela faces 33 years to life in prison.


Along a largely vacant street in a Chatsworth light industrial neighborhood, Eric Siguenza lost his life on Thursday, February 25, 2015. Plummer Street is a popular destination for street racing as it has virtually no traffic during the overnight hours. At about two o’clock on that Thursday morning, Mr. Siguenza was among a crowd of spectators who stood watching a street race between Henry Michael Gevorgyan, a 21 year old San Fernando Valley man, and another man who has not yet been identified.

Gevorgyan, whose Mustang was outfitted with racing slick tires – as well as other modifications designed to increase its speed — lost control of the car as he accelerated from the starting point of the race. As Los Angeles Police Department detective, Bill Bustos noted, the Mustang’s burnout marks indicate that Gevergyan was gathering speed — not braking — as his car careened out of control and veered toward a curb where a number of spectators gathered. The Mustang jumped the curb and mowed down several young man, including Mr. Siguenza, who was dead at the scene, as well as another man who was not able to be revived by medical personnel. A third spectator was hospitalized with his injuries.

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