A motorcycle crash on Pepper Street shut down traffic for two hours on the eastbound section of Interstate 10 in Colton. The accident was reported at 3:48 a.m. and the driver was killed. Details are minimal at best and the accident itself is being investigated.

It would appear that this was a single vehicle accident, i.e., no one else was involved. Even so, there could be numerous reasons why the cyclist crashed, barring driver error. For example, unpaved roads, an obstruction in the roadway, or even defective motorcycle parts, could be among the primary reasons why the driver wrecked.

Before making any assumptions, family members should look into the incident to see if there were any underlying causes of the crash itself. For instance, they may find that the make and model of the bike is prone to brake failure or engine lock up.  If so, they would need to inspect the motorcycle to see if it was functioning properly. If defective auto parts are the culprit, the family would be able to file a wrongful death suit. Has something like this happened to you or your family?  Then contact our sponsoring lawyers for a free case evaluation and see what you can do to bring those responsible for your loved one’s death to justice.