A hit and run accident that killed a Downey man this Monday is still under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department. The department requested today that the public provide help in finding the perpetrator. The man killed in the accident, Federico Porras, was traveling south on Marianna, outside Los Angeles, when he was hit by a car.

A car identified as a black 2006 Nissan Versa struck the man’s vehicle, a 2007 Honda motorcycle, and then fled from the scene, turning the accident into a hit and run. Porras was taken to a hospital but unfortunately died later. Information relevant to this hit and run accident can be called in to the Central Division of LAPD.

In any hit and run accident, the law is clear that, unless there were some kind of outrageous circumstances, the other party should not have left the scene. If you have been injured in a hit and run accident, be sure to contact a lawyer to be guided through the necessary legal process. Not only are you entitled to compensation if you were not at fault, it is also important for the perpetrator to be properly handled. To receive a free consultation, contact our Los Angeles lawyers at (888) 853-6696.