After having one of their tires blow out, an SUV containing 6 crashed in a rollover accident. On Sunday, as the tire of their GMC Envoy SUV blew, the driver, identified as Armando Castro Estevan, hit the breaks in an attempt to stop the vehicle. However, Estevan lost control of the SUV, officials said. Also in the SUV were 5 others, Linda Carahi Gutierrez, Areli Castro, and 3 other unnamed passengers. Castro and Gutierrez were killed alongside Estevan.

According to officials from CHP, Gutierrez and Castro weren’t properly fastened in their seatbelts, but rather had the shoulder strap behind their backs though the lap belt was in pl ace. Both of them were ejected but only Gutierrez was actually thrown from the vehicle. Estevan’ wife and two other juvenile passengers suffered injuries, requiring immediate treatment. They were taken to the hospital.

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