Generally speaking, under the laws of physics, when two objects collide, the one with the bigger mass tends to send the smaller mass spinning off with considerable damage, all things being equal. It is only when the smaller mass is moving at a much higher speed that it has a chance to cause the larger mass to be the one knocked out of the way. The famous Chicago Bears running back, Walter Payton, proved this concept multiple times as he ran his 5'10" frame through much bigger opponents.

Unfortunately, in the vehicle accident that occurred on Friday in Florence, a motorcyclist did not enjoy the benefits that Walter Payton possessed on the gridiron. Instead, the rider had a fatal impact with a pickup truck and was essentially stopped in his track and sent offward into the air. As typically occurs in such accidents, the accident happened at the intersection of Firestone Boulevard and Maie Avenue. The rider, a 40-year-old man, was declared deceased when law enforcement arrived to secure the scene.

However, in many such cases, the story does not stop with the unfortunate loss of the rider. A number of issue can come into play. Was the truck driver operating his vehicle unsafely? Did the streetlights malfunction? Was the motorcycle rider trying to beat a light and riding unsafely? Were there any witnesses to see the last moments and who did what? A number of different case issues can arise from these situations, so simply closing the matter as an unfortunate death of a risky way to travel is not a correct answer. For families of motorcycle victims, asking questions about what occurred and how an accident happened is always the right thing to do, even during challenging times when a loved one has just been lost.