A teen killed in a car accident yesterday was reportedly riding atop his car, something commonly known as car surfing or ghost riding, according to reports. The male teen, identified as Hernandez, 17, fell from the car as he was riding in Huntington Beach, suffering serious head and stomach injuries. Hernandez was unsecured while riding on top of the car as it progressed eastbound on Brannen drive, driven by another boy, 17.The car involved in the accident was a 2006 Nissan Altima. The teen was transported to UCI Medical Center after the accident in critical condition. He died later into the night at 2:50 pm.

Until now, no arrests have been made and no one was cited. Authorities are reporting that the two teens, about to be high school seniors, were near a party which they may have attended. However, much ambiguity remains regarding the accident.

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