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UPDATE 8/22/2013Tour Bus Crash on 210 freeway in Irwindale leaves more than 50 injured on their way to a casino.

2009 Tour Bus Crash on 210 Freeway in Irwinedale

Early this morning, a deadly accident on the 210 freeway in Irwindale resulted in the death of two, while leaving four others seriously injured. The crash happened near the Irwindale Avenue exit near 6:00am. Several vehicles were involved in this tragic crash including a Foothill Transit bus, two stake bed trucks, and at least five passenger vehicles one of which was a SUV.

The California Highway Patrol is still investigating the cause of this horrific accident, which is expected to last several weeks. However, a preliminary CHP report says that at around 5:47am, two passenger cars were involved in an accident. The cars then pulled ot the side of the freeway and the drivers had gotten out of their vehicles when a stake-bed truck collided had to make a sudden lane-change to avoid them. As a result, the stake-bed truck was rear-ended by another stake-bed truck which then collided with the drivers who had gotten out of their cars.

Maximiliano M. Medina, 28, was killed and pronounced dead at the scene of the accident from blunt-force trauma. Medina was driving the second truck which rear-ended the first stake-bed truck. Sandra Resford, 73, also suffered from fatal injuries as a result of this tragic crash. Resford was driving a Ford Focus.

Reports indicate that there were no passengers on the Foothill Transit Bus. All traffic on the 210 freeway had to be stopped to allow for medivac helicopters to land and transport the injured.

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