According to the California Highway patrol a car accident that occurred at 6:58 A.M. resulted in the deaths of two motorists. One vehicle was overturned, causing the woman inside to be ejected.  She was found lying outside of the vehicle.

The accident occurred in Joshua Tree near the Hemmingway campground.  The two casualties were reported dead at 7:52 A.M.  Details are sketchy and the incident is still under investigation.

Even though information on the wreck is not available, it goes without saying that most accidents are caused by careless or negligent behavior.  When this behavior results in innocent people getting hurt, victims can seek remedy via the judicial system.  If you have been inured, or have lost a loved one due to a tragic yet avoidable accident, get the law on your side.  Contact our law offices to discuss your legal right and obtain fair compensate for your injuries.