A motorcycle accident along Quail Springs Road near the Pueblo trial ended in a traffic fatality Thursday morning at around 6: 13 a.m. The Joshua Tree cyclist, a thirty-year-old man named Bradin Lee Zantop was pronounced dead on the scene after wrecking his 2006 Yamaha on the desert highway.

The crash ejected Zantop from his silver and blue motorcycle landing him in the backyard of a home near the 7500 block of Elwood Street. Investigators are offering few details as they continue to investigate the cause of the motorcycle accident.

As more and more people turn to motorcycles as a cost effective alternatives to cars, the above scenario will play out more often. While some of these single motorcycle accidents will be caused by driver error, some will be the result of defective automotive parts, like faulty brakes.  Such an accident can be pursued legally via a product liability lawsuit. The victim or surviving family members can then recoup damages for injuries or death. If you have incurred injuries or lost a loved one due to a manufacturers defect, contact a reputable product liability attorney to obtain compensation for pain, suffering and loss.