A car carrying at least three teenagers and five people in total crashed on Saturday, killing all passengers in a fiery accident. Two females and three boys were killed on a ride home from Knott’s Berry Farm when the sixteen year old Laguna Niguel resident operating the vehicle lost control and veered off the freeway and up an embankment, according to CHP spokesman Officer Florentino Olivera.

The cause of the accident is unknown as of this time, although the driver did not seem to have a driver’s license, and at least three of the passengers were not wearing seatbelts. The crash resulted in a quarter acre of brush fire which burned for thirty minutes. This according to the OC Register.

Teenage drivers, particularly those not following the rules of the road, can create a difficult call for many legal professionals. If an accident turns out to be the other driver’s fault, does it really matter when the judge or jury need look no farther than a teen’s lack of a driver’s license in order to render a verdict against them? With the right legal counsel, every driver has a better shot at a fair verdict.