UPDATE:  The mother involved in the crash has been identified as Emily Stephanie Jimenez, age 19. Jimenez was pronounced dead at the hospital. CHP continues to investigate however are under the presumption that Jimenez lost control of the vehicle before it crashed. The critical determination will be to find out why Jimenez lost control?   Was there a product defect?  Was there a problem with the Ford Explorer she was driving?  Was there a problem with the tires?  Rollover accidents often occur when there is a flaw in the cars design or possible tread separation problems in the tires.


In a horrific scene, an entire family was killed in a single-vehicle car crash yesterday on the 710 freeway when their Ford Explorer rolled-over on the southbound just south of the Long Beach Boulevard exit right before 11pm.

The coroner’s office has identified the father, Abel Israel Gutierrez, 20 and his daughter, 2-month old Sophia Gutierrez were pronounced dead at the scene. The third victim, Gutierrez’s wife was 19-years old and died at the hospital. Her name has not yet been released.

The crash was so severe, that the fire department had to cut all three victims from the car. The cause of the crash is still under investigation by the California Highway Patrol, and no conclusions have been made yet. The Ford Explorer has been involved in some various product liability lawsuits having to do with potential rollovers just like this one. It is critical that an immediately investigation into this crash be conducted, all evidence preserved for examination and that all potential claims are sought.

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