Car lands on its roof on riverbank

Three teens lost their lives in a horrifying auto wreck that left Alicia Leanne Yanonis, Fabian Cazares Garcia, Jr., and Armando Herrera dead on a bank of the Los Angeles River early on the morning of Friday, May 1, 2015. These tragic car accident deaths occurred when their 1998 Jaguar XJ, which was speeding, flew from the Anaheim Street overpass near the 710 Freeway and landed upside-down on the rocks by the water.

Wreck causes multiple deaths and injuries

Three families lost children just on the cusp of adulthood as the result of this devastating car accident. Yanonis was just 17 years old, while Garcia and Herrera were both age 19. All three were found dead at the scene of the accident by responders from the Long Beach Fire Department, after police and firefighters worked desperately to free them from a debris-filled vehicle. A fourth person in the Jaguar was critically injured in the catastrophic car wreck and was transported to a hospital.

Speeding caused accident

Sadly, this deadly car wreck was attributed to the senseless cause of excessive speed. Police investigators noted that the unidentified driver of the Jaguar appeared to have lost control of the vehicle on Anaheim Street, just past the 710 Freeway overpass. The vehicle rolled down the dirt embankment of the Los Angeles River, flying into the air and landing on its roof.

Because speeding caused the fatal accident, it seems likely that families of those killed or injured in this car wreck will file wrongful death claims or personal injury claims against the driver of the Jaguar. At press time, it was not clear which of the passengers was driving at the time of the deadly car crash.

Passengers, or their families, could sue

Many people don’t realize that in one-car accidents caused by the negligence of the driver, passengers, or their families, can sue for money damages – even if driver died. Various insurance policies are usually in place to cover death and injury of passengers caused by driver negligence.

The wrongful death and personal injury insurance claims and court suits that must be filed in a case like this one are complex. To insure that justice is done, families of the deceased and people who are injured in car accidents caused by careless driving should seek legal help from attorneys who are familiar with personal injury and wrongful death claims from motor vehicle accident negligence.

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