A Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman recently reported that a toddler passenger was killed in a car accident Saturday morning that occurred around 9:30 am. The car accident occurred at a location near the San Fernando offramp from southbound 5 freeway, where the hit a pole on the road.

A 50-year-old mother, Ruis, was driving the car with passengers in the vehicle, Juan Torres, father of the toddler, and another, the 3-year old daughter who died following the accident. While progressing down freeway 5, Ruis hit a larger truck and bounced into a pole on the road. According to reports, Ruiz was moving at high speeds on an already slick road, which may have contributed to the accident. Torres, father of the deceased toddler, also suffered a fractured arm injury as well as a concussion. The toddler passenger, 3-year old girl, was transported to the hospital but pronounced dead later in the day. Investigation of the accident is ongoing, but authorities have confirmed that alcohol was not a factor.

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