A man struck while riding his motorcycle became pinned under a vehicle yesterday, sustaining substantial injuries, reported authorities. The motorcycle crash took place at around 1 pm at a location near Baldwin and Woodruff Ave. A Honda Accord and an Acura Sedan collided with the motorcyclist, knocking him from the vehicle into the road, where he ended up under a parked car. Underneath the car, he became trapped until he was removed later.

Authorities said they were forced to lift the car from atop the man to save him. When he was removed, he already seemed to have head injuries, leg injuries, and arm injuries. The man’s motorcycle, his helmet, and a small pool of his blood remained at the scene as he was taken to Spriggs Hospital for treatment. He is expected to survive his injuries.

Both of the other drivers remained at the scene, but it could not be determined why or how the motorcycle crashed into the two cars. However, investigation of the accident is expected to continue. Authorities had blocked off a section of Baldwin Avenue to allow for investigation.

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