A Los Angeles County truck yard this past weekend was the site of a tragic big rig accident that took two young lives, ages 4 and 15. 15-year-old Joel Flores and his younger brother, 4-year-old Alexander, were riding along a moving truck in Wilmington when they fell off, according to police reports. Reportedly, the two boys were playing in the truck’s rear, seemingly in the cargo area.

After falling, both boys ended in the path of their father’s truck, a big rig tractor trailer. Unaware of the fall, the father advanced the truck towards them, unknowingly striking them. The older brother, Joel, was pronounced dead at the scene of the truck accident. Young Alexander was transported to hospital in Los Angeles, but unfortunately died later that night from injuries sustained in the accident.

The tragic accident was not intentional and the father is not thought to be at fault. The site of the accident, a Wilmington truck washing facility, is located on a grounds off East Lomita Boulevard past Wilmington Avenue.

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