Police today are still on the hunt for the grossly-negligent driver whose speeding Mercedes struck and killed a 58-yr-old man near the University of Southern California, in an appalling, fatal pedestrian accident that occurred at the corner of West 23rd and Portland Street. The victim has not yet been identified, pending notification of family members. Our deepest sympathies go out to those  who will hear that police knock on the door and learn that they lost a loved one last night to such a horrible hit-and-run death.


Caught on a security video, the pedestrian killed was hit while walking in a marked crosswalk; the careless driver of the Mercedes was apparently traveling more than 50 mph, twice the legal speed limit of 25 mph, driving too fast in a residential area where the victim lived. The vehicle struck the man on foot with such force that his body was thrown a distance of several feet by the impact of the automobile. The driver kept going and drove away.

Police officers who investigated this hit-and-run crosswalk accident reported to one local news service that the victim was struck so hard by the car that his shoes each flew off in different directions. They are still looking for a black Mercedes with damage to the front end and windshield.


The automobile hit the walker at around 9:10 p.m., on Tuesday, March 10, 2015, causing severe injuries. Although the victim was transported to the nearest hospital, he did not survive.


A tragic death from a hit-and-run accident is an event for which the victim’s family will likely seek monetary compensation through a civil wrongful death lawsuit. While dollars cannot ease the pain of knowing that one’s husband or father was killed by a speeding driver, money can help the family address the financial consequences of this avoidable pedestrian fatality, including funeral expenses, lost future earnings, losses suffered by the family due to the death, loss of the care and comfort the deceased provided to the family, and other losses. In this case, punitive damages may even be possible.

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