Five people died in Mission Viejo after a rollover accident that ended in a fiery crash.  According to authorities, a Chevy Tracker plunged off of the I-5 freeway at La Paz Road around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday morning and exploded into a massive fire ball.  The five victims that were pulled from the charred wreckage were unable to be identified at press time because they were burnt beyond recognition.

It appears that the Chevrolet Tracker was traveling southbound on I-5 when it rolled over after it blew a tire and subsequently veered across several lanes.  The vehicle hit a road sign then began tumbling down a steep hill.  It finally stopped after crashing through a fence and hitting it tree, where it burst into flames.

The Chevy Tracker, like many SUV’s, was noted to have one of the worst safety records in its class.  It is also well known that rollover accidents have a fatality rate that is six times the reported average of all other types of autos on the road today. This is because of roof crush, an incident where the roof caves in upon impact.  Roof crush is considered a manufacturer’s defect that usually happens after rollover accidents.  The fact that vehicles are still made with this defect is unacceptable.  If you have lost a loved one due to a manufacturer’s disregard for public safety you can sue the negligent automaker via product liability litigation.  This type of lawsuit protects consumers and holds businesses accountable when a faulty product results in a wrongful death. Call our sponsoring law firm today and set up a free case evaluation with wrongful death attorneys that understand your needs and will fight hard to ensure you receive justice.