Two people were injured in a hit-and-run accident that turned into a multiple vehicle collision  this afternoon. The crash happened around 12:121 p.m. in the northbound lane of  I-5 Freeway just north of Alicia parkway.  One of the victims of the crash had been riding a blue Dodge Stealth which was rear ended by another vehicle  after which it crashed into a blue Dodge Charger. The charger then struck a silver Honda SUV.  The driver that caused the accident fled the scene leaving behind the two accident victims.  If found, the motorist could face felony charges.

Everyday stories like this unfold  on our nations highways.  Sadly, when a hit-and-run occurs, it can rob victims of the ability to find justice in a number of ways. 1. They may not be able to find out what caused to accident. 2. They can’t pursue the matter in court to receive reparation for their injuries.  Thankfully, many hit-and-run drivers are located and those injured in an accident can file a personal injury claim against the offender.

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