PALM SPRINGS, CA – Following a second fatal pedestrian accident to occur at the same intersection within a six-week period, authorities have released the name of the notorious intersection’s most recent victim.

64-year-old Jana Ploss of Palm Springs was killed Monday evening at approximately 6:15pm after being struck by a car while she crossed East Vista Chino at the intersection of N. Via Miraleste.

According to police, the driver who hit Ms. Ploss was travelling eastbound on Vista Chino. After the accident occurred, the responsible driver remained at the scene and attempted to render CPR to the woman while waiting for authorities to respond. The woman was taken to Desert Regional Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

Concerns are mounting concerning the safety of the intersection where this accident occurred. This is the second fatal pedestrian accident to occur in the past six weeks.

Investigators closed Vista Chino between Avenida Caballeros and Via Miraleste for approximately six hours on Monday night while they worked through the evidence at the accident scene.

At this time, no indication by authorities has been provided as to whether or not Ms. Ploss was in the crosswalk when she was struck. Police do not believe that drugs or alcohol played a factor in this accident.

Deadly Intersection

An initial consideration of factors that may have contributed to the accident includes: poor lighting, poor road/intersection design, high speeds, and possible maintenance neglect.

With so many accidents occurring in one concentrated place, it can be suggested that poor intersection design is a primary factor for the accidents that the intersection has seen.

The section of Vista Chino where the accident occurred is technically Highway 111 and falls under the jurisdiction of Caltrans. Following last month’s fatal accident, Caltrans officials said they would be evaluating how they can make the intersection safer. At this time, we are unaware of those findings or any implementation of them. If problems were identified and not addressed, this neglected maintenance may have also played a role in the accident.

In another non-fatal accident that occurred at the intersection approximately two weeks earlier, a light pole was knocked down and had not been replaced at the time of the accident that is the focus of this article. The now dimmer intersection may have played a role in causing this accident.

Finally, high speeds plague this stretch of roadway, with locals reporting that vehicles travel at speeds well in excess of the posted 45 mph limit.

Palm Springs Crosswalk Accident Lawyers

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