A Pomona jury convicted 20-year-old Robert Canizalez and 23-year-old Martin Ariel Morones on June 29th of gross vehicular manslaughter and second degree murder for the deaths of 41-year-old Dora Groce, her 8-year-old-son Robert and 4 year-old-daughter Catherine, who died after the two men engaged in a street racing incident.  Today. they received their sentences, with Robert Canizalez, being given 48 years to life, and Martin Ariel Morones being sentenced to 45 years to life. The two will be eligible for parole after serving more than 20 years.

In October 2007 Canizalez drove a red Ford Mustang while Morones drove a Honda Accord and began racing  one another 5:15 and 5:45 p.m. along Parkway Drive. Groce pulled her Nissan Altima out of the Brookside Mobile Country Club onto Elliott Avenue around the same time and her vehicle was broadsided by Canizalez. The victim’s car was pushed 50 feet before it burst into flames killing all inside.

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