Two died in a Riverside car wreck and a third was hospitalized, after a female driver of a small Scion, going north on Allessandro Blvd., ran a red light and slammed into the side of a Chrysler minivan that was heading west on Canyon Crest Dr. This double-fatality auto accident took place around midnight on the morning of Wednesday, March 11, 2015.


The drivers of the two vehicles each died at the scene of the horrific car crash. A passenger in the Scion car, was also severely injured in the twisted wreck. Sgt. Ben Shafer, an officer investigating the cause of crash, told one news source that the passenger was taken to Riverside Community Hospital for treatment of broken legs and head injuries.


While some reports have stated that DUI driving or speeding were not factors in causing this fatal motor vehicle accident, others have stated that the cause of the collision is under investigation and that police had not yet ruled out speed or intoxication as potential factors. As a firm of attorneys with extensive experience in these cases, we can say that every automobile wreck is actually caused by something. Whether that cause should have been prevented by someone, and whether that someone should be responsible for failing to prevent it, are the ultimate questions to be answered with a skilled inquiry into all possibilities. The families of these victims deserve to know.


In an multi-fatality car crash like this one, in which some are killed and others injured, several legal claims are possible. Families of both drivers may bring wrongful death claims against those whose fault may have contributed to causing the killer auto wreck. Even the Scion driver could have such a claim if, for example, an investigation reveals that a traffic light wasn’t working or equipment like the brakes or accelerator malfunctioned in her late-model vehicle. Her passenger might bring a motor vehicle accident personal injury claim against her or others responsible. Clearly, the family of the minivan driver will be considering a wrongful-death case against the estate of the Scion driver. The insurance claims and legal claims in auto accident cases can become quite complex.


To ascertain those who are truly at fault in a massive, multi-claim car crash case like this one, injured parties or the families of those who have died should act fast to obtain legal representation from personal injury and wrongful death attorneys who know how to properly investigate the accident, looking into all known possible causes, gathering and preserving evidence, and preparing the backbone of possible legal claims.


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