Earlier this week, a tragic crash in San Diego left a comic-con fan dead while crossing the street in downtown San Diego. Below is an excerpt from our website:

In a tragic event just before San Diego’s annual Comic-Con convention,  53-year-old Gisela Gagliardi, was killed while crossing the street at  the intersection at Harbor Drive and Fifth Avenue on Tuesday morning. Comic-Con has become so popular that fans begin lining up nearly a week before the doors even open. This year, Comic-Conn begins on Thursday July 12 – 15 2012. Gagliardi was struck by a car driven by a 67-year-old who has not yet been identified.

To read the article in its entirety, please read click this link. Tragic crosswalk accidents must be investigated immediately after the crash. Slaughter & Slaughter is a California law firm with over 22 years experience in handling personal injuries involving catastrophic injury and wrongful injury cases. Call today for a free consultation (888) 853-6696