82A limousine carrying nine female passengers in San Francisco burst into flames, leaving five dead. Police and investigators are continuing their investigation into the cause of the fire, but have not yet released any information.

The nine passengers, all female were on a bachelorette party when the tragedy occurred. Five including the bride-to-be, Neriza Fojas, 31-years-old, were killed.


Police and other authorities will continue their investigation, but reports and photos indicate that the fire may have started in the limousine’s trunk area. The women were picked up from the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Oakland, and were headed into San Francisco on the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge when the fire overtook the limo.

It is absolutely critical that an independent investigation take place to determine the cause of the fire. Evidence must be preserved immediately, including the limo itself, and independent experts retained to examine, analyze and test potential areas of importance.


The limo driver, 46-year-old Orville Brown was able to walk away from the blaze uninjured. Marcy Guardiano, 42; Jasmine Desguia, 34; Nelia Arrellano, 36; and Amalia Loyola, 48 were all being treated for smoke inhalation and other injuries.


The limousine company that owned the limo has been identified as Limo Stop, Inc., and advertises its services throughout Northern California. The limo was a 1999 Lincoln Town Car stretch limo.


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