An accident in Santa Ana resulted in an injury today after a felony hit and run transpired.  The incident occurred in the northbound carpool lane on freeway 405 after a green Jeep crashed into the center divider.  The collision was just north of  the Harbor Boulevard exit and  was said to be caused when a vehicle careened towards the jeep. Witnesses stated  that the other car, which they could not identify, fled the scene prior to the authorities’ arrival.  Investigators are trying to ascertain if the vehicle in question made contact or simply caused the other automobile to swerve and wreck. The extent of the jeep driver’s injuries as well as their identity is not currently known.

As demonstrated above, motorists can be victims of hit and run just like  pedestrians.  When this happens, it can gravely injure the motorist and damage their vehicle.  Shortly after the wreck, injuries can then begin to take their toll, creating a situation that leaves the accident victim financially devastated.

When you or a loved one is hurt in a it and run car accident, it literally pays to look into the option of a personal injury lawsuit.  Not only will you be able to obtain compensation for any physical harm incurred, you can also receive reparation for pain and suffering. Call our law offices for a free consultation today and learn more about what you can do when someone else’s negligence changes your life forever.