52A Fourth of July fireworks accident injured at least 20 Southern California residents.

Thousands of Independence Day celebrants had gathered to watch a professional fireworks display in a park in Simi Valley, 30 miles ouyside of Los Angeles. Before the fireworks show began, fireworks that had already been ignited went flying into the crowd, injuring onlookers who ranged in age from 8 to 78 years old. According to the Simi Valley Police Department, 20 people were transported to the hospital, and four were seriously injured.

Ongoing investigation

An ongoing investigation is being conducted to determine the cause of the accident. An early report indicates that one of the stations where fireworks were to be launched vertically into the sky over the park tipped over, launching the lit explosives horizontally into the crowd of spectators.

The injury victims suffered from shrapnel and projectile wounds, similar to those sustained by victims of the recent Boston Marathon bombings. In fact, the bombing suspects are alleged to have used gunpowder from fireworks to build their bombs.

The tragic incident in Simi Valley is a reminder of how hazardous fireworks can be. If you suffered an injury because of fireworks, you may have a legal claim for your medical bills and other damages. Contact Torklaw for a free consultation about your claim.