A patient who jumped from a private ambulance in University City has now died after being struck by a car. The patient, reportedly both criminal and insane, was being taken to a medical facility via a Liberty City ambulance company when the accident occurred. Information that the man was a Hispanic of his 40s was released, but little other details were provided regarding his mental state or the reason for the ambulance ride, only that he was a psychological patient of some sort.

The unnamed male patient jumped from the ambulance, while it was moving, landing amidst traffic on Hollywood Freeway 101. A car, identified as 2007 Volvo, hit the patient as it progressed southward, causing him injuries which later ended fatal. When authorities arrived Tuesday Night, following the 11:45 accident, the patient was taken to a medical center in Burbank, where he died later. It was found that the man driving the Volvo was actually under the influence, and may now be subject to criminal charges.

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