On Friday, at 4pm, the California Highway Patrol reported a fatal car accident on highway 126 near Filmore, California. Both men, died at the scene of the accident after a head-on collision resulting in a devastating impact. The vehicles involved were a Toyota Avalon v.s. a Nissan pick-up, both drivers were traveling in opposite directions when they collided.

The CHP has already determined that alcohol was not a factor and that both drivers were properly restrained in their seats. The cause of the accident has not yet been determined however, a complete and thorough investigation much be taken by the families of both victims to rule out any road design or construction defect. If in fact, there is a road design or construction defect, it is critical that the families of both victims seek a lawsuit against the government entity responsible for the highway and road design defect.

In California, the statute of limitations on a government entity claim is 6-months from the date of the accident. Seek the counsel and advise of an experienced car accident law firm is one of the most important decisions you can make towards your path to recovery and compensation.

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