A head-on collision between two cars early Friday morning has left all involved, dead.

The collision happened on westbound I-88 in southwest Naperville near Mill Street, just before 1 a.m.

Per witnesses who saw the accident, a 2012 Toyota Camry speeding on westbound I-88 lost control and hit a wall. The vehicle then spun around and crashed head-on into a 2007 Chrysler 300.

The driver of the Camry has since been identified by police as 30-year-old U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Domenic Andreoni of Elgin. The driver of the Chrysler was 32-year-old Ali Erhaima of Aurora, his passenger in the back seat was 40-year-old Shiva Inampoudi, a Naperville software developer who was riding home from the airport following a business trip to California.

In response to news of the accident, the Marine Corps released a statement saying their “thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this tragedy.”

Erhaima came to the United States as a refugee from Iraq. He had survived being shot multiple times during a militia attack in Baghdad. He was described as a caring individual by friends. He is survived by his wife, daughter and son.

Inampudi was described by his brother as a “Great dad, great husband, great brother.” He is survived by his wife and young son.

Westbound traffic on I-88 was diverted at Naperville Rd. for about 5 hours while investigators and clean-up crews completed their work. All lanes were reopened around 6 a.m.

Dealing with Head-On Collision Fatalities

The force of high speed head-on collisions often result in extensive injuries or death. Individuals involved often have significant medical bills and extensive and costly times of recovery. For those who lose a loved one there is a grieving that is endured and the very practical effect that losing a wage earner can have on a household’s income. In both cases, financial restitution is very important. Our experienced traffic fatality attorneys have successfully obtained millions of dollars for our clients. Call today for a free case consultation (888) 853-6696.