Alec Scott Abraham Sentenced for Killing Katherine, Kaydence Hampton in Irvine Crash

The Orange County Superior Court, Orange County, California, on Friday, February 28th, sentenced Alec Abraham Scot, 25, to prison for killing two people in a fatal Irvine crash on June 10th, 2015. The crash killed a woman, Katherine Hampton, 54, and her granddaughter, Kaydence, 2.

Judge Cheri Pham, who had earlier convicted Abraham of two counts of second-degree murder on February 4th, sentenced him to 30 years to life in prison. The condemned man was tried with the jury system and recorded several outbursts during the trial.

The accident that sealed Abraham’s fate occurred on the Alton Parkway. He was driving a Ford Mustang downhill when he swerved into a left-turn lane around idling traffic at a red light, slamming straight into the Chevrolet Cruze driven by Katherine.

The deceased had with her and her granddaughter, the little girl’s mother, Megan, and her older brother, Nathaniel, who was 7-year-old at the time. The woman had a broken jaw, and her son, a broken collarbone.

The two survived, and at Abraham’s trial, Megan informed the court that her mother was the most caring and selfless person she knew. She lamented that the young man will still get to see his family behind bars, while she would never get to see Kaydence grow up.

Abraham has a history of reckless driving and over speeding. The police arrested the young man who worked in a Toyota dealership in Huntington Beach for driving fast and reckless across a Starbucks street months before the crash.

The convicted man recorded videos of his speed and enjoyed the thrill of going fast. On the day of the accident, he was going 75 miles per limit and had his leg on the pedal.

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