Gregorio Galvez Avalos Dead Following Tree Trimming Incident

A man who was trimming a tree in Alamo, California, on Wednesday, March 18th, was killed after he accidentally made contact with live power cords. The authorities have identified him as 25-year-old, Gregorio Galvez Avalos.

The Bay Point resident was working and cutting trees late afternoon on Escondido Court at about 5:30 p.m. The Division of Occupational Safety and Health of California said Avalos might have touched electrified wires with his body or equipment, hence the electrocution.

The San Ramon Valley Fire Department was called to the scene, along with paramedics. When they arrived, they found the tree cutter unresponsive and pronounced him dead.

The authorities are still investigating to find out who has the liability of Avalos’ death. The public will be updated once they uncover new information.

Tree trimming requires climbing and pruning, and tree cutters often use portable power tools like chainsaws and trimmers. Tree trimmers use an aerial lift to reach tall branches, putting the tree cutter at the risk of falling off or getting electrocuted if the person is near power lines.

Falling and electrocution are the two most common reasons for death among tree cutters. Thus, those who work in the field have been advised by authorities to wear the right PPE outfits like leather lineman’s gloves.

Tree cutters should mark the areas they are working in and assess it before beginning the job. Avoid using conductive tools like ladders and pole trimmers near power lines, and treat all power lines as conductive until it is determined otherwise.

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