Maria Martinez Injures Toddler in Corning Pedestrian Accident

Maria Martinez

Accident reports from Corning, California, disclosed that a woman struck a 2-year-old child with her vehicle on Monday, August 10th. Maria Martinez, 64, was identified by the Corning Police Department as the motorist involved.

The investigators said that at about 10:30 p.m., the woman drove a white Chevrolet pickup westbound in the 1400-block of Marin Street. The victim ran into the street, into the path of Martinez’s vehicle, causing the collision.

The toddler sustained injuries, and medics flew her to Enloe Medical Center to treat cuts, bruising, and abrasions. The CPD ruled out the involvement of drugs, alcohol, or speed in the occurrence, and there’s no information on Martinez getting cited. The investigation is ongoing.

Auto-pedestrian collisions are menaces on California roadways. Walking as a form of exercise and an alternative to driving has put more people at risk of getting struck, especially when they walk outside designated areas.

While most auto-pedestrian crashes are traced to drivers’ negligence, facts from accident reports show that pedestrians sometimes contribute. To this end, the two must promote safe road habits for their safety and of those around them. One of the ways of achieving this is obeying traffic rules and regulations.

A pedestrian must avoid dangerous behaviors like calling, texting, and jaywalking; look at both sides of the road before crossing, and wear bright colors for visibility. A driver must yield the way to pedestrians, and maintain the speed limit in residential, business, and school districts.

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