Jason Paul Napp Arrested for DUI And Injuring 3-Year-Old Son


The expertise of a car accident lawyer would be required after a suspected DUI driver drove his vehicle into a canyon, with his 3-year-old son on board in Redlands, California. The almost fatal occurrence took place on Tuesday afternoon, April 14.

Officers of the Redlands Police and the fire department were dispatched to the scene of the wreck at about 2:30 am, following reports of a rollover crash.

Responding officers initially thought the car occupants fled the scene after finding the vehicle lying empty off the roadway. They then conducted a search operation to locate the fleeing commuters, employing the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department helicopter, 40 King, to facilitate the operation.

Officers eventually located the driver, and his 3-year-old son at the bottom of a steep canyon about a mile from the crash site.

The San Bernardino County helicopter Air Rescue 306 extricated the two crash victims from the ravine by applying a hoist rescue.

While the driver, identified as Jason Paul Napp, 31, of San Bernardino, emerged unscathed, the 3-year-old suffered serious but minor injuries and was transported to the hospital alongside his father.

Authorities determined that Napp was under the influence at the time of the solo-vehicle collision. He was later arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, and child endangerment.

He remains held at the San Bernardino Central Detention Center, pending settlement of $100,000 bail.

The reports did not indicate the involvement of a car accident lawyer. However, it is advisable that victims of traffic collisions seek counsel from a legal expert as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: The Accident News article you just read includes information obtained from numerous sources. These sources include, but are not limited to, websites and press releases from law enforcement, the county coroner, fire departments, and other news outlets. While we strive to provide readers with the most accurate information, sometimes the information received is not entirely accurate. For complete details, please refer to an official police report.

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